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udaytonAbout the University of Dayton

The University of Dayton is a top-tier Catholic University and the largest private higher education institution in Ohio. With over 70 graduate programs, more than 50 Master’s Programs and 9 doctoral programs, the University of Dayton is committed to the Marianist tradition and to linking learning and scholarship to service. The University of Dayton offers a variety of research opportunities at both the graduate and undergraduate levels and a vast array of study abroad opportunities. Students who attend the University have access to valuable hands-on experiences through varied internships and professional co-ops. Students are connected to surrounding community businesses, school districts, and the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI). The University of Dayton is committed to educating the whole person. Through partnerships with the University’s Fitz Center for Leadership, students engage in meaningful community-based service where students are encouraged to participate in service-learning activities that include, but are not limited to, mentoring and tutoring students at surrounding school districts, serving as community stewards, and working to find meaningful solutions for a myriad of urban and social justice issues.

Teacher Preparation at the University of Dayton

The School of Education and Health Sciences in partnership with the Woodrow Wilson Foundation is committed to fostering a curriculum that will prepare program participants to be effective math and science educators. The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship program is heavily reliant upon a clinical approach to teacher preparation. The mission of the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship Program at the University of Dayton is to make sure that the curriculum will: Emphasis on classroom immersion, focus on classroom reflection, involvement in instructional rounds, ensure availability of schoolwide mentoring, use of data to inform practice, use of the STEM quality framework to inform instruction, and identification a researchable problem of practice. More Information.

udayton-campusThe Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows Program offers licensure in Adolescent to Young Adult Education with concentration in the following areas:

  • Integrated Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Life Science
  • Life Science/Earth Science
  • Life Science/Physics
  • Life Science/ Chemistry
  • Chemistry/Physics
  • Earth Science
  • Earth Science/Physics
  • Earth Science/Chemistry
  • Integrated Mathematics

Middle Childhood Education Licensure can be obtained through this program if candidates have the academic preparation and are willing to pursue additional professional training for middle level students.

Schools/Districts Working with the University of Dayton

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows will be working in high poverty school districts that serve a high percentage of students of color and students who are eligible for free and reduced lunch. The school districts are both public as well as charter. Within the identified districts mentors have been selected who have a track record of success in working with students from high poverty socioeconomic circumstances.

Tuition and Assistance at the University of Dayton

The cost of attending the University of Dayton is approximately $11,420. This amount includes tuition and fees and reflects a 50% scholarship discount provided by the University of Dayton. Click here for more Ohio partner university tuition information.

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