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Chair: Martha Nell Smith WS ’84 • English, University of Maryland
Evelyn Blackwood WS ’90 • Anthropology, Purdue University
Claire Potter CN ’87 • History, The New School for Public Engagement
Leslie Salzinger WS ’93 • Gender and Women’s Studies, University of California, Berkeley
Wendy Smooth WS ’00 • Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies, The Ohio State University


Nwando Achebe WS ’00 • History, Michigan State University
Maria Cristina Alcalde WS ’02 • Anthropology, University of Kentucky
Michele Barale WS ’81 • English and Women and Gender Studies, Amherst College
Linda Blum WS ’86 • Sociology, Northeastern University
Beth Widmaier Capo WS ’01 • English, Illinois College
Susan P. Casteras WS ’75 • Art, University of Washington
Marisela Chavez WS ’02 • History, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Rita Gross WF ’65 • Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Nancy Rose Hunt WS ’90 • History, University of Michigan
Laura Klein • Anthropology, Pacific Lutheran University
Marilee Lindemann WS ’87 • English, University of Maryland
Catherine Lugg • Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University
Kathryn Nasstrom WS ’91 • History, University of San Francisco
Julie Nelson • Economics, University of Massachusetts
Susan O’Brien WS ’95 • History, University of Florida
Saadia Toor WS ’00 • Sociology, Cornell University
Tracey Weis WS ’90 • History, Millersville University of Pennsylvania

WS = Woodrow Wilson Women’s Studies Fellow

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